Me me! I once won a contest for having the biggest and smallest Raggedy Ann's. :) Nice article, Anna!
What does it mean that you are a National Examiner, Anna?
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Such sad news. I love Raggedy Ann. My dearest friend was a massive collector a while. (She's moved on to jewelry but oh my g-d the Raggedy collection she has is astounding. And in her living room is one of the BIGGEST Raggedy dolls I have ever seen. Huge. Like 6 feet huge. We always talked about planning a road trip to this museum... Someday.

Why is it closing? Not enough activity? Are the owners retiring due to age?

Are the dolls too simple in this hurry up hurry up world? {}

Per the Tribune article, they are moving all the toys, books, and research to the Strong Museum of Play due to decline in tourism and lower membership due to the economy. Strong Museum is a fabulous museum and will be a great new home. The 20YO Raggedy Ann Festival in Arcola also will temporarily end. Just still kind of sad to me.
Raggedy Ann is all natural, all American, and wholesome... sad that she isn't more popular.

Thanks for asking about I'm the National Children's Toys Examiner. Examiner is set up for it's writers to be experts in different categories in their home town. BUT there are national experts also.
appreciated article...

Thanks for sharing, keep posting.

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